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Jonathan Epley

Meet Jonathan

I grew up playing guitar in the mountains of East Tennessee.  An initial interest in the instrument came from my uncle, well known Martin historian and luthier John Arnold.  The unique opportunity of watching some of the world’s greatest acoustic guitar players in such an intimate atmosphere proved to be too much for me to resist, and I quickly picked up a guitar and began emulating what I heard.  The early influences of my Bluegrass/Folk upbringing along with later influences of Jazz, Electric Slide Guitar, Blues, and Progressive Metal have all been important in developing my approach to music and the guitar. 

Currently, I play music in a wide variety of groups in the Baltimore/Washington DC area and serve as the guitarist in the US Army Jazz Ambassadors.

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Lauti Deneri

Hello my name is Lautaro Daneri, from Argentina. I am 25 and I have dedicated myself to music for the last 10 years as a guitarist, I am a lover of shred and metal. I love being in competitions, meeting new musicians, new goals and having a good time.

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Kumar Shome

Kumar Shome is one of the most in demand guitarists in the Melbourne music scene. Over the years, he has toured nationally and internationally working with artists extensively in the jazz, afro, rnb and soul scenes. Also a prolific composer with the release of his new album set to be released in 2021. 

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I am Kupre, a 19 years old guitar player and music lover from Argentina. I’m super happy to be a part of this competition and have a chance to win the ROD studio tube amplifier!

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Grayson Jearty

I’m 20 years old and living out of my car while I take classes at a community college in Gainesville FL. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 10 and my family has always been involved with music. I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere in a place called Gulf Hammock for 18 years of my life and all I had was guitar and the occasional tending to the cows getting out of their pen. Unfortunately I had no one to jam with and I felt like I was practicing for nothing at times. But when I moved out and played with a few people things got better, and seeing all the competition from all over the world being involved with something that I’m also doing makes me feel more connected and a part of something. 

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hi my name’s aaron

I play guitar, bass, sing, kazoo, and I’m studying production. however i can’t mix or master for the life of me because I have hearing damage. Musical influences are people like jason richardson, the algorithm, code orange, veil of maya, y2k and of course the modern day jimi hendrix: tim henson. I have been through a few musical phases. there was a time where I would only listen to dragonforce and john mayer, but now I can safely say i also listen to polyphia sometimes too. I’d like to do music from my room full time as a career at some point in the future. it’s not like I don’t spend all my time doing that now, I’m just broke


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Jeremy Burton

I’m a Berklee educated prog-metal nerd from Michigan now located in Boston, who specializes in two-handed tapping.

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Soni Najwa

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Charlie Eron

Charlie Eron is a Baltimore, MD based composer/guitarist and is a member of WAIT, a progressive metal act under the label The Artisan Era, alongside Alex Weber (Exist, Malignancy) and Max Phelps (Exist, Cynic, Death to All).  Charlie holds a degree in music theory and composition, and is active in the Baltimore jazz scene.  

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 I am Oliver, I live in Cape Town South Africa and am surrounded by music and guitars all day every day. I play in three active bands currently (lead guitar in 2 and bass in one ) as well as guest solos, Tributes and spots of session work here and there. I can’t wait to be gigging again.

Fun facts: I was born in England and favourite animal is the mighty and resilient Penguin

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