Our range of equipment consists of analog tools such as compressors, EQ’s, preamps and Smart Recall Knobs (SRcK) that can be applied to any analog processor or amplifier. (Watch the film to find out more.) Now you can recall your session with all the settings in just a few minutes with complete accuracy. Save your favorite settings — or take advantage of our Smart Recall Knob preset packages!

Each of our cros audio analog processors is equipped with technologies that will make your creative process easier and smoother, such as IP connectivity and a smart recall system. This will help free you from the complex session storage process and make it simple to change sessions smoothly and quickly without any compromises in music quality.

Smart Recall

Imagine! You can keep your analog processor settings, and when needed easily recall them in just a few seconds. Forget about keeping written notes – focus on your music and we’ll support your creative process. Smart Recall system gives you the ability to establish a fully recallable analog processor and amplifier system. It’s an open system – you can recall most other manufacturer’s processors or take advantage of cros audio compressors, equalizers or preamps.

Smart Recall system can be assembled with any analog processor that you’d like to use without impacting its electronics. You get to keep your favourite sound and precisely recall your sessions ultra-fast.

IP Connectivity

Our analog processors are equipped with a Ravenna-based connection which lets you use it on an IP Ethernet network. This is useful because:

  • You can store all your patches inside your DAW session and recall it with a DAW project upload.
  • You will have processors connected right in the moment.
  • You can patch your analog processors while sitting in front of the monitor with just a few mouse clicks
  • You have full control of the whole system setup.
  • You have extra low latency.

Ravenna is an open connectivity protocol and setup is very easy. Using Ravenna means you avoid expensive cables and patch bays, and the system is lean with an effective workflow and no compromises in quality.

Analog Processors

Our analog processors are the product of a tradition of music equipment. Our engineering team analyzed classical designs, that were used during the creation of acclaimed albums and are widely appreciated by audio engineers.

Thus inspired, we designed analog circuits that don’t compromise on sound quality with added new technology to make them suitable for today’s music production business challenges.

To build cros audio processors we chose our element providers carefully. All processors are hand-made in our workshop. Put your trust in us and our technology will help you expand your creativity.