#RODGuitarComp - Competition Regulation

Vote and choose the ROD winner!


1)   Cros Audio is the organizer of the “ROD Guitar Competition”, Kris Xenopoulos (Kris XEN) is the co-organizer. Both parties are named ORGANIZER

2) The purpose of the competition is to invite guitarists to present their performance on a backing track created by Kris XEN.

3) Competition timing and critical milestones

“The ROD Guitar Competition” will start on 14 Jan 2021 will end up on the 3rd of FEB 2021

  1. a) From 14th to 25th – download open
  2. b) 3rd Feb -22 Feb – ten best videos will be up for social voting, chosen by The Jury.
  3. c) 26Mar winner announcement

4) The composition of the jury:

  1. Kris Xenopoulos – the chairman of the jury- guitarist
  2. Sarah JoAnna Draper – guitarist
  3. David Luchow – mastering engineer
  4. Sanjay Kumar – guitarist
  5. Luandile Prusent – guitarist
  6. Kris Osiak – jury secretary – mixing engineer

4) Jury evaluation process rules.

  1. Jurors have the right to subjective evaluation of performances. There is no appeal against their verdict.
  2. Jurors have the right to abstain from voting
  3. In the case of equality in full jury voting, the chairman has one extra voice.
  4. Voting is a public process
  5. Only videos fulfilling all points of paragraph 5 (the following one) will be evaluated

5) Competition material preparation requirements:

  1. Name presented in written form
  2. No longer than 1:15minutes
  3. Approved rules regulation form during the download process
  4. uploaded till 25 Jan 2021 included
  5. Includes downloaded backing track and solo with guitarist seen, performing on the video
  6. Uploaded on Instagram with Hashtag #RODGuitarComp (#rodcrosaudiocomp)
  7. Following @krisxen Instagram account
  8. Following @cros_audio Instagram account

6) By downloading a backing track from the competition page, presenting it with own performance on the Instagram video with #RODGuitarComp hashtag (letter size is neglectable) participant agrees right for Cros Audio to publish this video or link to the video in materials related to the competition, especially on voting page for social voting and competition promotion as well as ROD promotional materials.

7) The organizer has the right to publish uploaded videos on social media without additional approval without remuneration.

The participant is approving the organizer to send emails to the registered email address regarding the competition and other cros audio products. 

8) The social voting rules

  1. Social voting will be conducted on Crosaudio.com/RODGuitarComp
  2. The five best videos chosen by the jury will be presented on that page.
  3. Cros Audio will ask each video author for a personal picture and short “about me” to be presented on the page.
  4. The winner will collect max ten voting points, max five from social voting, and a maximum of five from full jury voting.
  5. The number of voting points will be assigned by social voting and an additional five by full jury in the following model:

1st highest number of public /total jury votes- 5 points

2nd – 4 points

3rd – 3 points

4th – 2 points

5th – the lower number of public votes 1 point

  1. The competition winner will collect the highest number of points from social and full jury voting.
  2. Social Voting will be done on page www.crosaudio/RODguitarComp

9) The Main Prize is ROD Studio Tube Amplifier – delivered at the organizer Cros Audio’s cost to the winner no later than 21 days after closing of the competition.

10) Cros Audio is not responsible for any local taxation of the winner in the country of residence.

11) Cros Audio will cover the costs of the device and shipment to the country of origin.

12) The shipment will be conducted max 21 days from receiving confirmation of the winner’s Prize acceptance and shipment address.

13) Any questions or comments, please send to admin@crosaudio.com

Inc time updates on 3rd Feb.