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8 classic tube channels ROD tube guitar amp

100 presets to SAVE and RECALL

DAW integration to control amp from plugin


modern adventure with ROD classic tube amp​

Pure tube sound path

ROD brings you an analog sound path with a classical vacuum tube technology, which we all have loved deeply and enjoyed for years. Even though you control the unit with a touch screen or a DAW in the digital domain, the sound our ROD produces is purely analog with all the sweetness and harmonic character to it.

DAW Integration

We express ourselves with DAWs, this is the reality of modern day music production. And yet, we believe it is possible to merge classical sounds with today’s user experience by allowing the ROD’s settings to be stored in a DAW session. Simply assign the ROD plugin to a track and control the unit via an ethernet cable connector. When reopening your session, you recall the settings on every channel you used. Why waste time, just play and create!

Classical tube amp presets

One of our most important design goals was to provide versatility of the sound. For the love of it, our inspiration were the iconic amplifier designs created over the years. And so, with just one click ROD lets you switch between different topologies of electronic circuits to get the most desired presets of all times. For the time being, one unit offers ten classical channels but this is not all - over time more channels will be integrated and distributed among the users. Not a tech-savvy? You can still enjoy the exquisite sound and simplicity of the ROD Tube Amplifier.

One click Save & Recall

Save and Recall function helps you focus on music and still use the full range of sounds available with the amp. This is how you can build your sound for every kind of music you create and perform. With many available channel topologies you can save and recall specific setups within each channel. Relax, play your guitar and forget all about remembering the knob settings. Share your presets with others.

American ML-30

Offers drive from EF86 preamp tube being part of DC-30 Matchless construction. It provides a wide choice of sound settings. This channel setup brings a substantial tone with a solid middle range. No compromises, just authentic tube sound.

British Classic 30

The preamp is inspired by a classical VOX circuit from the legendary AC 30 early model. As a result, it provides not only a characteristic bright channel but also a normal one. With the perfect circuit control, you can get total tube amp energy in your hands.

Twin Style

The design is inspired by classical Fender Twin construction that came to the guitarists in 1952. We kept the best elements. You can drive the second triode with the power of the input one and color the sound with the EQ. Add a slight break, or keep your guitar sound clean.

American Lead

The inspiration came from the classical Marshall sound concept of lead AMP 1960. If you need even more drive to enable, the power of additional tubes will come into play. Now you can ROCK!

Key technologies of ROD

Push Pull and single ended power stage

It goes without saying there is beauty in both methods of power stage operation. Some of us prefer rich harmonics of single ended, while others choose push pull with a clean, robust, and compelling sound. No need to compromise, you can have both with ROD. Just switch between the SE or PP modes - that's super easy.

Flexible preamp channel settings

Imagine you can swing between all the iconic channel designs ever created in the history of music. Imagine it's just one click away. Imagine you can play your favourite tune on a Fender-inspired amplifier, then move on to a Plexi-type drive and for the next song pick yet another British Amp sound. That's what flexible channel setting is. To change the electronic setup of the device you simply click on the amp of your choice in the Amp Section.

Toroidal output transformers

The output transformer is part of a sound setup. We use toroidal transformers to get a broader and more linear response. Our team’s in-house design was created to provide you with the sound you’ve always craved for.

Touch screen control

We live and breathe in a touch screen era. Control is fast and accurate. With the ROD’s touch screen you get a new unusual feature for a tube guitar amp. Presets can be easily stored and recalled and channel controls smoothly adjusted. Managing routing to a DAW is dead easy and there’s no need to worry about the warm-up time of the tubes as the ROD controls it for you.

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