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Music and sound have always been something we enjoyed losing ourselves in. Years of experience exploring audio engineering and mixing recording with high-quality analog gears have brought Cros Audio to life. The company was founded in 2018 by enthusiasts and experts who believed that vibrant sound and high-end digital solutions were a perfect match. Cros Audio is a brand new version of tradition in analog sound. And after almost 5 years of development, we still keep our main mission in mind – we aim to provide a beautiful sound of analog gear with tubes, transformers, and transistors to everyone – both in professional and home studios.

Beautiful sounds embalmed in 21st-century solutions? This is what we do! When it comes to sound, we say no to compromises. The beauty of sound and the top-notch workflow should go together – always. We are a team of experts in various fields, educated in various specializations, and with various experiences. However, there is one thing that we all focus on at every stage of our collaboration – we care about people, and we do our best to make their lives as beautiful as possible. Every day we invite people from all over the world to join forces to make every single part of our products even better.

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