ROD brings the best of the two worlds

With just one touchscreen click, you can access classical guitar tube amplifiers in one 2U box. If you use it in the studio or on stage, keep the sound and presets with your ROD. 

American Lead

The inspiration came from the classical Marshall sound concept of lead AMP 1960. We built it with a cold clip stage and drove one coming from two 12AX7 cascade stages. If you need even more drive to enable, the power of additional tubes will come into play. Now you can ROCK


Offers drive from EF86 preamp tube being part of DC-30 Matchless construction. It provides a wide choice of sound settings. This channel setup brings a substantial tone with a solid middle range. A single end power stage can enrich harmonics while enabled or be set up traditionally with a Push-Pull one. Get your American ML-30 sound with just one ROD click! No compromises, just authentic tube sound.


The preamp is inspired by a classical VOX circuit from the legendary AC 30 early model. As a result, it provides not only a characteristic bright channel but also a normal one. With the perfect circuit control, you can get total tube amp energy in your hands. The flexibility of the power stage lets you shape the final sound in your way. Get you British classic 30 sound with just one ROD click! No compromises, just authentic tube sound.

Twin style

The design is inspired by classical Fender Twin construction that came to the guitarists in 1952. We kept the best elements. You can drive the second triode with the power of the input one and color the sound with the EQ. Add a slight break, or keep your guitar sound clean. You have a classic Normal channel, both hi and low gain, or Vibrato one to choose. On top of classical sound you can drive it with a single-end power stage, adding more color or keeping it with the Push-Pull one as you have in the original construction. 


The Inspiration came from the classical Champ Amp developed and produced by Fender in 1957. It’s a simple construction with two 12AX7 preamp tubes and Single Ended power stage. It sounds reach and generates beautiful harmonics. 

Classic JAZZ

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