Real Single End Tube Guitar Amp with the touch screen control

ROD Brings Best of Both Worlds

Reamp input, direct output and full transformer output for your studio work

DAW integration with Plugin control, to make every guitar track sound stored

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Nikodem plays his tune
What is ROD - understand principals

Nikodem plays

Nuages by Django Reinhardt

What is ROD

DAW Integration

ROD studio tube amplifier can be fully controlled via the DAW plugin, making recording simpler than ever before. Have you been playing some hard rock part recently and then made some juicy chorus?

With Rod, you can easily store the sound settings you’ve created with one click and access them at any time. No need to remember or write down the chosen settings. Your music sessions are now easier to handle and control.

Pure Analog signal path

This single-end construction enables you to control your sound. You play with a great feeling – the construction is built with two preamp stages with 12AX7 tubes and EL34 as a power Tube. We designed our toroid transformer to allow you, among others, to enrich the sound to the fullest during recording and performance. Also, you have your spring reverb driven by two halves of 12AX7 tubes supported by a separate EQ feature. Say hello to a new yet traditional standard of a truly harmonic timbre! Enjoy flexible sound in a wide range, from gentle jazz to solid overdrive.

Virtual Assistant

Even if the beauty of music creation is on the front burner, we know that efficiency makes a musician’s life much easier. This is why we have equipped our ROD with some cool and handy features that enable you to create your music more efficiently. All controls are easily available from the touch screen and the encoder or automation. It literally takes one click to store your settings and get back to them later on. You can conveniently access your saved settings using both a pedal controller and the key settings – no matter if you’re on stage or in the studio or just playing with your friends.

Smart Footswitch

That is the first time in the history of a tube amplifier that musicians will have a chance to adopt footswitch to self preferences. Smart Footswitch can work in a traditional way switching on and off specific effects, but can also change presets and do much more …. supporting you in enjoying music

What clients say

Amplifier like ROD brings to my attention its responsiveness with tones of dynamics and great sensitivity. I enjoyed playing ROD
Nikodem Goslawski
I'm thrilled to say that this little beast is purely mind-blowing. It gives you the character and response of a tube amp while the ability to fully customizing the presets in the digital domain. The clean and overdriven sound provided by ROD is immense and extremely addictive in my opinion. This is the tone I was looking for. An absolute stellar killer for sure. Yeeeah! 
Lukas Michalski
ROD has a distinguished sound and the best crunch tone I have ever heard. Moving greed and volume sliders to the max will teleport you to another galaxy.
Marcin Kuchenbecker